Report on use of proceeds from capital raised from IPO as of June 30, 2019.20190730153817
Financial Statement Quarter 1/2019 (Reviewed)20190513112304
To amend the policy of waste management business, Issuance and offering of Debenture and Schedule of Extraordinary General Meeting No.1/201920190513111853
Management Discussion and Analysis Quarter 1 Ending 31 Mar 201920190513111251
Reviewed Quarter 1 F/S (F45-2)20190513110826
Shareholders meeting’s resolution20190404212225
CRD Opportunity day Year End 2018 Chiangmai Rimdoi Public Company Limited20190327202731
Signing the new contract : Lanna Hospital 3, The 8 Space20190326205013
Signing the new contract : Water quality improvement building at Choeng Doi.20190304170741
Signing the new contract : Klong Lum Plok Hydroelectric Power Project20190225170541
Signing the new contract : Arise Condominium20190221165230
Board of Directors’ Resolutions on Dividend Payment, Appoint of Director, Employee Joint Investment Program (EJIP) and Schedule of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the year 201920190218111235
Management Discussion and Analysis Yearly Ending 31 Dec 201820190218105217
Audited Yearly F/S (F45-2)20190218104807
Financial Statement Yearly 2018 (Audited)20190218104119