Precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) for attend the 202020200610163034
To postpone the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the year 2020 (“AGM2020”) and Approval of the interim dividend payment20200407090024
Announcement of COVID-19 prevention policy for Annual General Meeting 202020200305114314
Proposing the agendas for the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders20200207132917
The invitation for Shareholders to propose an agenda of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2020 and to propose a qualified person to be elected as a director of the company in advance20200107141841
Traditional Holidays for the year 202020191202145608
Financial Statement Quarter 3/2019 (Reviewed)20191113164123
Management Discussion and Analysis Quarter 3 Ending 30 Sep 201920191111172656
Reviewed financial performance Quarter 3 (F45-3)20191111172203
Management Discussion and Analysis Quarter 2 Ending 30 Jun 201920190813201907
Reviewed Quarter 2 F/S (F45-2)20190813201608
Financial Statement Quarter 2/2019 (Reviewed)20190813200159
Report on use of proceeds from capital raised from IPO as of June 30, 2019.20190730153817
Financial Statement Quarter 1/2019 (Reviewed)20190513112304
To amend the policy of waste management business, Issuance and offering of Debenture and Schedule of Extraordinary General Meeting No.1/201920190513111853